How long should you wait after a job interview before you move on?

Is the post-interview wait driving you mad? The nervy post-interview wait, the calm after the storm. It's an anxious time for any job seeker, however seasoned. As days and weeks of thumb-twiddling pass, it's easy to grow disheartened. And then comes the creeping temptation ‒ should I message them? It's only natural to want a definitive answer, but reaching out too early can seem impatient, even needy. So just how long should the prospective employee wait after the interview before seeking confi

The key to a successful ‘thank you’ letter after your interview

After your interview, a little thanks can go a long way. Good manners alone won't land you a job, but their absence can go a long way in keeping you off the payroll. A warm smile, gracious manner and plentiful expressions of gratitude will leave a good impression on any recruiter ‒ but you should be going one step further: a thank-you note after the interview. Is it really worth risking overenthusiasm by penning an interview thank-you letter? In a word, yes. A survey conducted by TopResume fou

Dealing with job rejection: How to make the most of it

’Thank you for your application. Unfortunately…’ They're the words all job seekers dread, and if they're wearily familiar, you're not alone. The job market is engorged and job rejection is commonplace. Upsetting, demoralising and just downright frustrating, being discarded from the applicant pack is tough to take. But from the ashes of one prospective career path, others can sprout ‒ if you know how to best to deal with the regrettable news. Read on for our top tips on how to best absorb the