How Crypto is Re‑Writing the Rules of Digital Ownership

Shortly after the financial crisis of 2008, a group of tech-minded trailblazers sought a solution to the shortcomings of conventional finance. They envisaged a world underpinned not by centralized power, but by a distributed, democratic system of ownership that was inclusive, transparent and secure. This world, the crypto world, grew steadily in the years that followed. Then the Covid-19 pandemic hit. Global lockdowns have hastened the advance of all things digital and, in this uncertain age of

Inspiring Innovation: Building Retail Agility

No industry has been left untouched by the COVID-19 pandemic — a crisis that emerged with little warning, throwing business plans into disarray. Thrust onto the backfoot, companies have had to react or face ruin. To better understand the retail industry’s approach to innovation, LiveArea, a Merkle Company surveyed retail decision makers across three regions: the UK, the USA, and the Netherlands, to explore the drivers, priorities, and investment needs of their company’s particular approach to i

How Covid-19 is helping us fight climate change

The arrival of COVID-19 was a crisis that few foresaw. Almost overnight, organisations and individuals had to adapt to the realities of life under a global pandemic. Across the UK, people started doing things differently, seeking solutions to the most pressing problems — from business who pivoted to make hand sanitiser and face masks, to scientists who redirected their research to fight the disease.

Three ways that technology can make retail more sustainable

At the place where production meets consumption, retailers are a vital component of any modern economy. This is truer today than ever before: in the tumultuous first days of the pandemic, retailers kept kitchen cupboards stocked, bathrooms clean, and supplied the entertainment that sustained us through long spells of lockdown. But like many industries, the retail sector must acknowledge an area in which it’s lacking – sustainability.

Dealing with job rejection: How to make the most of it

’Thank you for your application. Unfortunately…’ They're the words all job seekers dread, and if they're wearily familiar, you're not alone. The job market is engorged and job rejection is commonplace. Upsetting, demoralising and just downright frustrating, being discarded from the applicant pack is tough to take. But from the ashes of one prospective career path, others can sprout ‒ if you know how to best to deal with the regrettable news. Read on for our top tips on how to best absorb the

The key to a successful ‘thank you’ letter after your interview

After your interview, a little thanks can go a long way. Good manners alone won't land you a job, but their absence can go a long way in keeping you off the payroll. A warm smile, gracious manner and plentiful expressions of gratitude will leave a good impression on any recruiter ‒ but you should be going one step further: a thank-you note after the interview. Is it really worth risking overenthusiasm by penning an interview thank-you letter? In a word, yes. A survey conducted by TopResume fou
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